Monday, 22 November 2010

A song for Christmas

It started last year and the production of a Christmas CD in time for the annual school Christmas fair. Each class contributed a Traditional Christmas carol, the resultant CD was popular with the parents and certainly gave the children a great deal with regards to raising self esteem and creating something with a degree of longevity.

The question arose during October, "What are we doing for Christmas this year?" The music department, working alongside ICT had been making inroads into utilising tecchnology, this fact teamed with a music technician with amazing composing skills led to the concept of producing an all original song.

'Another Bower Grove Christmas' was born: Lyrically meant to encapsulate the pot pourri of feelings and activities that traditionally punctuate the festive period at school. Musically having a folk-pop style, with a catchy infectious tune.

The benefits for the students was huge, involved in designing the cover artwork, whole school performances to record the song, individual pupils voices added as extra tracks, promotional poster design, use of social networking platforms to promote the release. And hopefully the realisation that the internet and social networks can make great things happen.

After editing and mixing (more creative genius from the music technician) the track was uploaded to cdbaby who had agreed to waive costs on the release of the album due to its charity nature.

The finished article is a rousing and catchy Christmas style tune, available for download from cdbaby and hopefully soon on a plethora of other music download sites including iTunes. The job now rests with me to promote the promotion, to try and get a buzz going and raise the profile of the school, the expectation of the children aand hopefully a couple of pounds.

Bower Grove School: Another Bower Grove Christmas

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