Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Grape Expectations

Despite my extensive staff training (Bridging the Gap & Bridging the Gap 2) and the fact that I have had a weekly open workshop in the ICT suite to allow staff to answer questions or improve skills with support. It has still been my aim to improve communications throughout the school. The number of handwritten and photocopied notes that I pick out from my pigeonhole is heinious at best and could be responsible for a large proportion of global deforestation. Having provided all staff (120) with e mail accounts and training in how to use them, surely this would bear fruit and some of the intra-school communication would utilise this medium. Alas no. Despite the accessibility of the medium, paper has remained the chosen communication delivery system.
Conversations with management revealed their support for my crusade, however there remained the inevitable catch 22, they were loathe to send out anything important by e mail for fear it was missed by staff, staff did not feel the need to regularly check their e mails because all important information was imparted by more archaic methods.
So was born a weekly prize draw, a case of wine was donated by the deputy head teacher, the concept was I send out an e mail, all respondents are entered into a weekly draw, the winner getting a bottle of wine.

Simple, fun and hopefully encouraging the utilisation of the e mail system.
Week 3 is nearly over, the draw will take place tomorrow using The Hat in morning assembly, there will be a sense of trepidation and excitement from staff and children alike. (The students have become my adversaries in nagging their own staff about participating). Results on responses are as follows:
  • Week 1 - 18 replies
  • Week 2 - 28 replies
  • Week 3 - 34 replies so far (still a couple of hours to go!!)
Its still not even 50%, and I am still struggling to win some people over but nevertheless, it has become a talking point and if people are talking about technology, even something as mundane as e mails then perhaps it will move forward.
When I get to 50% (and I will) then plans are to introduce the complex tasks of: copying in another recipient, opening an attachement and even adding an attachment. More gap bridging is planned, and with the opportunity of some free alcohol appearing to be motivational in