Sunday, 6 September 2009

LO Hell

That is it, I have had enough, if one more person LOL's me I will possibly commit some unthinkable crime.

When I was small (too long ago to think about now) I think I possibly did 'laugh out loud' when my uncle, pinned me down and tickled me so hard it hurt. I have witnesssed people using recreational drugs or alcohol who have chanced upon some bizarre event that can reduce them to undescribable levels of mirth. Yet apart from those and the occasional outburst at a particularly amusing part in a sitcom or stand-up comedians routine, I have not witnessed many huge outbreaks of uncontrollable laughter. Then why do people insist on LOL, PMSL and other ludicrous statements in text messages, chat forums and e mails, if these are to be believed, a vast percentage of the population of the world are sat in front of their computers, netbooks, laptops and mobile phones laughing manically like a pack of cyber hyenas.

It sounds like I am a mirthless grouch, which is not true, I like a good joke and am quick to share with others if something relevant, witty and original hits my inbox. However, I rarely (in fact probably never) 'laugh out loud' for fear that the infamous 'men in white coats' arrive with their strait jacket to restrain me until a suitable area of padded accomodation is available. What I do however is smile - normally a small smile, enough to acknowledge the presence of humour in what I have read or seen. So for those of you who share with me on Twitter, MSN or Facebook, or recieve a text from me and get an addendum of SWS - that is just what it is, a Small Wry Smile. Not the ridiculous exaggerated statements commonplace in chat rooms worldwide.


  1. I agree with what you are saying. The use of 'LOL' and its related abbreviations have been over used, yet this does show that a specified term is needed. I think that the term has evolved to simply mean that people find something funny, and is a quick way of telling someone that you are amused. Maybe 'SWS" will catch on. However, it does provoke the same issue; will it be over used and not used in the correct context? Perhaps there should just be a universal symbol to signify that we have found something funny or amusing? But I'm just a lowly student so what do I know? LO...oops!

  2. Ha ha, brilliant, and since it was blogged almost 6 years ago it is pertinent to point out that, sadly for you, the LOL and PMSL phenom has NOT petered out at all. I promise I won't be LMAO at your failed hopes of a return to everyday communication without wildly exaggerated claim. RIP, veracity in language