Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kent ICT Conference '09

I was going to Blog about Kent ICT Conference '09 but there seemed little point considering Mark Warner , Tim Rylands and the the Kent ICT blogs appear to have covered all the bases with regards the myriad of links and ideas that were shared.
Will just reflect briefly on my short presentation, approached by Andy to showcase the animations I had done with my class, I agreed. The showcasing involved setting up a stand where two of our current year 6's demonstrated stop-frame animation which was the easy part. The harder part was standing on a stage in front of the conference, 'outside my comfort zone' sprang to mind. Nevertheless the quality of the children's work spoke for itself, my prezi:
took me through the process so the actual presentation bit became less of a chore. I hope it was well received, back on the stall a number of teachers came over to discuss how they could introduce animation into the classroom. And to see the students at work. I was happy with Prezi as a presentation tool, the one touch interface after set-up made it ideal for presentation and it was certainly 'whizzy' enough for the conference. Only one other Prezi in the show and that was Mark's 'Adventures with Myst' which can be viewed here, as part of a showcase of different schools' successes with Myst in the classroom.

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