Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Suite smell of Success!!!!

The concept

It started on a coach nearly two years ago, we were on the way to the year six residential, the new school build was being discussed. As I sat on the coach talking to our headteacher the problem of the ICT suite was raised. The problem was the layout of the school - The ICT suite was not a room in its own right but an area of the school's 'Central Learning Street'. This meant that an IWB was impossible to place without effecting the functionality of the street. How could we have a display capability to allow demonstration of ICT skills and maintain the open plan learning street concept. A scrap of paper was produced, a pencil and the concept of our ict solution was born. The idea being back to back 42" flatscreens, one above each bank of four PC's. This allowed the inegrity of the school building to be maintained and yet gave display capability in ICT teaching. Further discussion and it was decided that this concept could be extremely versatile allowing for: Display to all four screens, group work with four children displaying to one screen, two seperate groups of eight displaying either side. Coupled alongside the media system I was planning to have installed in the new school we had the capability to display messages and media in the reception area and in the main school building.
Finally after months of planning, numerous meetings with the furniture manufacturer and our cabling specialists the table is being assembled. Watch this spot......

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