Sunday, 19 April 2009

Why Teach?

Sometimes it is easy to question the worth of our chosen profession. As paperwork increases and pressures for results mount the thanklessness of the job begins to cloud our vision and dampen our desire. Then in an instant one small thing can rekindle the passion. The poem below, written by a Year 3 girl for homework (title - poetry), revitalised me last term.

Who is it?
He will stomp and shout,
all about.
His voice will boom,
across the classroom.
He'll huff and he'll puff,
he can be extremely gruff.
He is big and tall,
makes me feel incredibly small.
In a test you should do your best,
he'll know if you've taken a rest.
He will smile and wink,
you will miss it if you blink.
He makes learning fun,
for everyone.
He will let you sing and dance,
but don't dare take a chance,
he can stop you with a glance!
Good heavens,
It's Mr Evans!

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